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Fire Regulations

A copy of the fire regulations can be downloaded in pdf format

ALL FIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 11PM AND 7AM All wood fires, campfires, candles, candle lanterns, and all sources of open flame except propane must be completely extinguished by 11PM.

Propane stoves, lanterns, and fire pits that have an automatic shut off (such as an on/off switch) may be used between 11PM and 7AM at the Park Staff's discretion. The policy of San Diego County Parks Department is that ALL FIRES OF ANY TYPE MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BY 11PM, and they may choose to enforce this regulation as needed.

  • ALL fires must be monitored at ALL TIMES, this includes candles and lanterns. The attendant must be alert, knowledgeable of the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, and know how to use it.

  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE REQUIRED for each tent, each kitchen and each fire pit.

  • All lanterns must be enclosed and secured.

  • Candles must be in enclosed containers

  • Torches (of any kind) are absolutely forbidden. (This includes propane torches and other gas torches - i.e. "No fire on a stick".)

  • No fires or flames of ANY kind inside your tent or pavilion.

  • Fire extinguishers must be within plain view and easy access of the source of the flame.

  • Fire extinguishers may be purchased at the Potrero Store.

  • Campfires are restricted to the provided pits or fire pits/braziers with a 6-inch vertical outer edge.

  • Non permanent fire pits and braziers must have a 10 foot clearing around them, a 10 foot clearing above them, and be either at least 12 inches off the ground or have a heat shield. If it's too hot for your hand between the fire and the ground, it's a problem!

  • Do not burn aluminum cans or plastic products in the fire rings.

  • Flames must never extend more that 12 inches above the edge of the fire pit or brazier.

  • The Parks Department may modify the campfire policy at any time for any reason.

  • If your fire is found unattended, it will be extinguished AND YOUR GROUP WILL BE BANNED FROM HAVING CAMPFIRES FOR THE REST OF THE EVENT. If your group is caught with a fire after being banned, YOUR GROUP WILL BE REMOVED FROM SITE without refund.

  • A fire is considered extinguished when it has been cooled to the point where it will not re-ignite when fresh, dry tinder is placed on it.

The policy of San Diego County Parks Department is that ALL CAMPFIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BY 11 PM.

Gray Water Disposal

There have been some new environmental laws enacted both at the State and County level this year which affect all San Diego County parks. The laws require parks to implement a stricter control of gray water disposal to avoid soil and underground water-source contamination. These new laws require that the only water to touch the soil is rainwater, to the extent that this is feasible.

What that means for us is that we need to be extremely diligent about collecting water after doing dishes, washing or bathing, using portable showers, etc. It also means that we should not pour out soft drinks, juices, alcohol, or any bottled water directly onto the soil, if it can be avoided.

As such, it is the responsibility of each camp or household to take care of collecting their gray water in a sealed container, and to avoid letting it spill or leak out onto the ground. Gray water may be disposed of at any of the stone privies, or at the gray water dump near the Ranger Station. Please do not dump gray water into the porta-privies.

If we are not compliant with these new laws, it is within the power of the Rangers, the Environmental Protection Agency, and any County Environmental agents to shut down our event. The Rangers are very supportive of our organization, but their first priority is the protection of the park and following all county regulations. It is our responsibility to comply with this to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions about gray water or gray water disposal, please see the staff at Basecamp or speak with one of the Park Rangers.

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